The Technical Writing and Engineering Company provides a unique, rapid, and cost effective service called PhotoDrafting™. This service accurately documents any outwardly visible design configuration.

PhotoDrafting™ is a discipline that combines graphic art, photography, and computer technology to rapidly and economically create editable line illustrations from film, analog or digital video, and other graphic or electronic sources. Our clients use this service in engineering, architecture, computer aided design and desktop publishing activities. PhotoDrafting™ is ideal for reverse engineering because it accurately documents the as-built configuration. To put is simply, "We Document Reality™."

In our client experience, PhotoDrafting™ has generally been used to document existing architecture, vehicle wire runs, and experimental or one-of-a-kind industrial or automotive assemblies. However, we have has some unusual requests.

Airflow Sciences Corporation needed to document a newly designed bobsled that contained a large radial bearing. The radial bearing was very important to bobsled operation because it allowed the body of the bobsled to twist axially, enabling the front and rear runners to independently track the ice. Aerodynamic changes were made to reduce air resistance. These improvements added stability, control, and speed to the bobsled.

Once aerodynamic testing was completed, the bobsled would only be available for a few hours prior to shipping to the United States Bobsled Team at the Calgary 1988 XV Winter Olympic Games. Hence, there was no time for conventional engineering data acquisition, measurements, etc. PhotoDrafting™ was used to quickly and economically document design changes and avoid shipping delays


PhotoDrafting™ stages from photo to final drawing.



Bobsled Photo courtesy of Airflow Sciences Corporation.